Man sawing door with the words Wine Country Door Conversions and photo of completed wrought iron front door

What’s the Difference Between a Wrought Iron Front Door and A Wine Country Door Conversion?


Most Wine Country Door Conversion customers don’t even know they want a door conversion until they see how beautiful a conversion can look with their own eyes. Typically, what they know is that they want decorative wrought iron entry doors that will let in natural light. They haven’t even considered the idea that they could find such beauty with their existing front door.

When potential customers first hear about Wine Country Door Conversions, it’s not unusual for them to have many questions. What exactly are decorative metal door inserts? How is this different from a full wrought iron front door? These questions are always at the top of the list.

How are Front Door Conversions Different from Wrought Iron Front Doors?

There are a few major differences between a full wrought iron front door and a Wine Country Conversion but the most important is price. Front door conversions are more affordable. Shoppers looking for iron front doors will be pleased with the lower price of conversions. This lower price is because the existing front door is used in the process, saving on additional costs, labor, and materials.

Another feature that sets these decorative metal door inserts apart from full wrought iron front doors is the ability to open the glass, letting in fresh air, and the addition of the screen, which can also be opened for even more versatility and function.

Here are Three Features that Make Wine Country Door Conversions Special:

Cut Out the Old, in with the New

Wine Country Door Conversions specializes in using existing front doors, removing the center, leaving the frame, and then installing a custom, three-layer, wrought iron insert. Occasionally, customers will opt to purchase a new door and have that retrofitted with the insert. The only type of doors that cannot be retrofitted are steel doors since they are hollow and there isn’t anything to screw the insert into.

Since each decorative metal door insert is custom, the process typically takes about 12 weeks from measurement to installation. Even with the relatively longer turnaround time, customers appreciate the finished look and personalized service.

What’s in an Insert?

Each insert consists of three layers: the wrought iron, the screen, and the glass. These three layers make for complete versatility in use and function. You can keep all three layers latched for privacy and safety. You can also opt to open the glass layer to let in extra sun and a cool breeze (while still keeping pesky bugs out).

Taking it one step further, you can open the glass and the screen to hand things through the door without opening the entire frame. As a bonus safety feature, when someone approaches your door, you can open the glass portion of the insert to speak with them without opening the entire door.

Choices, Choices, Choices

Customers can customize their front door design, choosing from 11 different wrought iron patterns, six wrought iron colors, and four types of textured privacy glass.

The most popular patterns are Cosmos, Prairie, and Echo. Customers also love the Monarch pattern since it offers the most safety. Customers love the Tree Bark glass choice because it offers the most privacy. With so many options, there are over 250 possible combinations, ensuring your entryway will look truly unique and gorgeous.

Going Above and Beyond for Their Customers

Family run by husband and wife team Vic and Laura, one thing that sets Wine Country Door Conversions apart from other vendors is their dedication to exceptional service.

Wine Country Door Conversions offers interested customers the opportunity to send an image of their current front door, and they will receive five to six renderings of their new door at no charge. This allows the customer to get a peek at exactly what the finished conversion will look like on their door and in the overall design of the front of their home.

The team also goes out of their way to make sure the look of the home is cohesive and beautiful. They have worked with customers, on occasion, to swap out privacy glass located in the front of the home to match the glass used in the inserts. Additionally, they will swap out the door hardware to better match the insert when requested. It is important to Vic and Laura that their customers are happy with the complete look of the front of their house. They do all that they can to ensure the look is seamless and stunning.

Interested in Learning More?

Wine Country Door Conversions services Napa, Sonoma, and Santa Rosa and has recently expanded to Fresno and Lodi. You can contact the husband and wife team behind Wine Country Door Conversions, Vic and Laura, at or (707) 366-2222 or visit their website at